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peterficathon's Journal

the Peter Pettigrew ficathon!
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Peter Pettigrew is an enigma. He decieved and betrayed his best friends, leaving Harry Potter to an orphan's miserable life with the Dursleys. He is a rat Animagus, nicknamed Wormtail, who spent thirteen years as the Weasley family pet, Scabbers; belonging first to Percy, then Ron. He cut off his right hand to restore Voldemort to his body, and was rewarded with a silver one. He is nervous, unattractive, clever, manipulative, cunning, and one of the most disliked characters of the series.

The Peter ficathon has been created to increase the incidence of Peter fanfic in the livejournal community. Feel free to join the community and sign up, or merely watch for the fics to be posted in the future.

While from its name the Peter ficathon seems as though it would be purely about fanfiction, art and comics are accepted also.

Merely comment with your sign-up form on the appropriate LJ post during March. Comments are screened, so don't think no-one's replying!

Each person will be given an assignment, drawn at random from a box by attractive young assistants. You then have until August 15th to write your fic or draw your art.

When you are finished, you can email it to peterficathon@gmail.com for safekeeping - after July 1st, however, member posting access will be open to the community and your fic/art should be posted by August 15th. (You may opt for the mod to post if you have trouble/will be absent during that time period.)


one: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out on July 16th. While your works should technically be finished by then, any works posted after that date that take into account new canon provided must specify that it does so. Warn for HBP spoilers, please - however fics/art posted after that date which do not take new canon into account do not have to be marked as AU.

two: Fics and art must be posted in the following format:
Subject: [title, pairing, rating]

Title: [also specify whether fic or art]
Author: [your pen name and possibly livejournal]
Writing For: [your assignment's livejournal]
Rating: [currently we still use MPAA ratings - G, PG, PG13, R, NC17]
Pairing/s: [if applicable]
Warnings: [if appliable. warn for violence, swearing, kinks, squicks and anything Not Worksafe.]
Summary: [including authors notes and credit, a short description of the fic or art]
three: The fic you write should be at least 1000 words in length, and art should be of fairly good quality, considering the time allotted. It should also fit the requirements speicified by your assignment.

four: Having it betaed is preferable; good spelling, grammar, capitalisation and punctuation are a must in fics. Try and keep to canon where possible.

five: Don't tell people what assignment you got and who you're creating for - it's more fun that way, right?

six: Your fic/art should not be archived anywhere other than the Peter ficathon livejournal or site until after August 15th. Similarly, nothing should be posted to the community until July 1st - until then, either comment or keep it to emails.

seven: Get your assignment in on time. You're being given four and a half months to write your fic or draw your art and as such are expected to finish.
That said, extensions will be granted for those in desperate situations - make sure to email as soon as you feel you won't be able to finish in time, for the sake of the moderater's sanity.

eight: Everyone gives something, everyone recieves something. If you don't want to participate, don't sign up. If you don't want to write/draw what you've been given, you have one week to ask for a swap, otherwise you're stuck with it. There will be no back-up writers; the mod will pester you endlessly if you promise and don't deliver.

nine: You will be given the choice of situations and pairings; you do not have to write them all. In this way, genficcers are able to play as well. :) Please, whatever you end up getting back, don't diss - it's just not fair to the authors.

ten: HAVE FUN. And don't cause the mod undue stress if you can help it or she'll bring out the SCARY MOD CAPS. :)


23 January: Community created.
01 March: Sign-ups begin. (supposedly.)
30 March: Sign-ups close.
01 April: Assignments allocated and sent out.
01 July: Assignments able to be posted.
15 August: Final date for Assignment submission.

Problems? Questions? Complaints? Everything should be directed to:
Email: peterficathon@gmail.com
Mod: stiletto (escapism @ gmail.com)
Archive: er. insert link here, yeah?

Useful Potter Sites:
The Harry Potter Lexicon - for facts and analysis of the five books.
Character Guides - Willow Severn's listing of every time every minor character is mentioned in the books.
Remember the W - Ani's awesome Peter site.
Of Rats And Men - The Idol Reflection Essay on Peter.

Useful Writing Sites:
Wikipedia - An online encyclopedia of facts.
Spellcheck.net - Exactly what it says. Use it, please.