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the Peter Pettigrew ficathon!
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Subject:FIC: Roses and Thorns (Peter/Alice, PG-13)
Time:06:22 pm
Title: Fic: Roses and Thorns
Author: riibu
Writing For: theladyfeylene
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Peter Pettigrew/Alice (not yet) Longbottom
Warnings: Mostly implied sexual scene.
Notes: Peter/Alice was one of the two pairings that was requested, and I found this pairing very intriguing. The other requested things included in this fic are: Peter having a hysterical fit, and Peter doing one kind thing. Many thanks to my beta ClosetWriter.
Summary: Peter and Alice are on an Order mission, but will the memory of their night together ruin it all?

Roses and ThornsCollapse )
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Subject:Fic: A Time For Memory [Gen; PG]
Time:12:42 am
Current Mood:dirtydirty
Title: A Time for Memory
Author: Scela Letifer
Writing For: fluffyllama :D
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Warnings: Angst. This fic is HBP spoiler free as well, if you haven't read it.
Author Notes: The request was a look at Peter's first meeting with the Marauders. Thank you very much to my stellar betas, tinkerpixy and arghyblargh.

To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face, and to know it for what it is. At last to know it, to love it, for what it is, and then, to put it away.
- Virginia Woolf in “The Hours”

It’s seven o’ clock.Collapse )
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Subject:FIC: Unrequited Love, Sirius/Remus, Peter/Lucius, Peter/Remus, PG13
Time:01:21 pm
Title: FIC, Unrequited Love
Author: lady_mad
Writing For: caretta
Rating: PG13 (I think. We use different ratings in Britain. Willing to accept input on this, if it needs changing.)
Pairing/s: Remus/Peter, Sirius/Peter, Lily/James, Peter/Lucius
Warnings: very mild swearing, and angst.
Summary: Thanks to flowingink for beta-ing. 2896 words.

Peter, the lone Maurauder. What drove him to the Dark Lord and forced him to betray his friends? What is it, exactly, that makes a young man feel so desperate to destroy those whom he once held dear?

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Subject:FIC: Peter's Lovers, R
Time:04:18 pm
Title: Peter's Lovers (Fic)
Author: Llama (fluffyllama)
Writing for: stiletto
Rating: R
Pairing: Peter/Severus, Peter/unspecified girl
Warnings: Minor spoiler for HBP.
Summary: They never come in the daylight, Peter's lovers. But they come.
Notes: Request was (to summarise the relevant bits) Peter remembers his life as he receives the Kiss, Peter/Severus, James/Sirius, Dementors. Thank you to my beloved for checking this over for me.

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Subject:This is the Truth
Time:04:42 pm
Current Mood:scaredscurrying away now
Title: This is the Truth
Author: aerynalexander
For: imadra_blue
Rating: PG-13
Shipping: Gen with mention in passing of James/Lily
Summary: Peter wrote a letter on the night he betrayed the Potters.
A/N: Many, many apologies for posting this now, but I wanted to avoid the obligation of including new canon. This fic does not have HBP spoilers, because I haven't read any myself. Any overlap would be, if it exists, and I think it won't, merely coincidental. Special apologies to imadra_blue because I'm not sure if this is what you wanted.

This is the TruthCollapse )
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Subject:FIC: Betrayer and Betrayed, James/Lily, PG
Time:09:14 pm
Title: Betrayer and Betrayed [fic]
Author: Ayla Pascal [curia_regis]
Writing For: modest_tales
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: James/Lily
Summary: Peter betrays the Potters.
Warning: Quasi-fascist rhetoric
Author Notes: Thank you to my beta noticeably.

Betrayer and BetrayedCollapse )
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Subject:MOD POST: Submissions open!
Time:08:55 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
So! We've hit July First (July Third, here, I'm a bad, bad mod and you should all thank Ayla for poking me.) This means posting access is now open on the community, and I'm going to trust you and assume you're all going to post your fic and not anything else random or off-topic.

So, if you want to post your Peter fic, feel free to do so. Last possible due date is August 15th, but if you're panicked about new canon and HBP, this might be a good time to post your fic.

If you don't think you're going to have something written by August 15th OR if you're going to be absent and need me/a friend to post for you, now is the time to start doing something about it. You can email, or comment (they're screened)or whatever.

Anyway, happy posting and enjoy the Peter fic. :)
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Subject:Welcome to April and the beginning of a ficathon.
Time:10:03 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
Okay! I just sent out emails with everyone's ficathon assignment. If you haven't recieved yours, PLEASE COMMENT. I forgot an "email" category and went with what was in the profile, often using the @livejournal.com address if you had a Paid Account.

Except for the following people:

lazy_neutrino who I know has just absented hirself, and starry_arte. Thanks to my own idiocy, I don't have a contact email for either of you.

xdistantsparkle, I sent yours to xdistantsparkle @ livejournal.com and the hotmail account it was redirected to bounced. I don't have any other contact information for you.

If you are either of these three, I heartily apologise and ask that you either comment with your email, or email it to peterficathon@gmail.com OR escapism@gmail.com. Please do the same if you happen to know their email.

If I don't hear back from either of you three within the next week, I'll comment on an old livejournal post of yours with your assignments.

Everyone else - remember to give the rules a reread, and have fun! I'll be posting reminders and updates in this community, so keep reading.

I'll also be sending out anothe reminder email on August 1st. If I sent your assignment to an inconvenient email (or your contact email changes) please email the new address to peterficathon@gmail.com wiht your lj username (so I know who you are. :)
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Subject:MOD POST: Peter ficathon submission form.
Time:10:20 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Hullo, and welcome to the Peter Ficathon! I'd like to assume you've all read the rules, but 90% of humanity are slackers (and yes, I pulled that statistic out of my arse, what of it?) so I'll reiterate for those among us who I know won't even bother to go click the User Info.

THE RULESCollapse )

Because it's being drawn out of a hat, the idea is people have many options to choose from when writing or drawing their submission. You don't get to state what you wouldn't write - you just don't write it.

But fear not! If what you have recieved is utterly incompatable and you'll never be able to do it, I'll swap you around manually with other malcontents. If you're only unsure, I'll be happy to help with suggestions and such - and remember, I am participating, so I'm in the same boat as the rest of you.

Please, fill out the following form and comment with it. You have until the 30th of March to make changes. Feel free to be as detailed and picky as you want - I'll catch you on any difficulties. Also feel free to ask questions or nitpick, since I'm new at this.

Pen Name: [the name you write under]
Livejournal: [the journal you'll be posting to the community with]

Fic/Art/Either: [pick one that you would like to recieve]
Two scenarios/requirements you would possibly like to see: [this must contain something for people who want to do genfic - no "rimming & bestiality plz!!1"]
Two pairings you would possibly like to see: [remember this is the Peter ficathon. also keep in mind - these may not be included!]
One thing that absolutely must be included: [try not to be too difficult]
Things that absolutely must not be included: [be detailed! squicks, pairings, kinks, whatever]
Highest rating you'd like: [G, PG, PG13, R, NC17]

Fic/Art/Either: [pick one that you are most comfortable with doing]
Promise you'll try not to cause me stress? [the answer here is 'yes']

Come April, I'll be emailing you with details of your assignments. Any other news or notifications, deadlines, warnings, and pretty much everything will be posted here, so feel free to watch.

Contact and shite's in the User Info. And finally - do plug the community! I'd love to see a large number of participants (as long as you all do as you promise.)
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the Peter Pettigrew ficathon!
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 9 entries, after skipping 10 newer ones.
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