Gileonnen (gileonnen) wrote in peterficathon,

Author: gileonnen
Title: Museum Piece
Rating: G
Character(s): Peter; mention of Bellatrix Lestrange
Warnings: Drabble
Contest Entry: Sure!
Work Safe: Yes
Word Count: 100 exactly.

Azkaban is quiet; neither prisoners nor Dementors walk its halls, and out of the sun’s reach, cells slowly gather dust. In the administrative center, there’s talk of opening a museum for educating future generations of wizarding children, but Peter doubts the idea will ever materialize. The last thing anyone needs is loads of children fingering the torture devices and pressing their noses up against glass sheeting before Bellatrix Lestrange’s cell, trying to look interested as haggard mums shepherd them across a bloodstained floor.

Peter prefers it that way. He can live quite comfortably in the cells, if no one comes--
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