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Announcing the Return of the Peter-Fic/Art-athon.

In an interest to drum up fic an art for Peter I have been given premission from bentley to re-start this lovely event.

Peter is in a position to have some truely amazing fics and art produced for him. He was friends with MWPP but became a traitor, he served Voldemort as a spy though we have no clue as to how this came about, he spent 13 years as a rat, he slept in Ron's bed for at least three years, and before that, probably Percy's, he more or less lived with Harry fo rthree years (ironically making him the only marauder to really get to share any large part of Harry's childhood!), he wondered around for a summer, re-became VOldemort servant, has this pesly life debt to Harry, cut off his own hand, and then was sent to live with Snape!

Think of all the fics that would be written for any other character who'd done all this!

And yet, Peter remains woefully neglected, especially considering how Pivitol his actiosn are to the whole story line!

So, this is a somewhat informal event aimed purely at increasing the amount of fic and art that focuses on Poor Petty Peter Pettigrew =P

The Theme:
:Peter's Life after the End of Book 7:

The idea here is that Peter probably won't surive book 7 thereby making all post book 7 Peter fics and art AU. So I thought it would be fun to get a lot of those type of fics an art together prior to him maybe dying.
It can be right after, 100 years after, heck 1,000 years later of the story still somehow focuses on him (as a ghost or a bit from some kid reading his memiors . . . but something in the memiors would need to be after book 7)

How to Sign Up
Respond here, at any poit nbefore November 15th, with:
1. Your name
2. If you'll be writing or drawing
3. If you are planning to use themem
None of this is biding, it jsut gives m,e a rough idea of what to expect.

1. This fic/art-a-thon will last from August 15th to November 15th.
After November 15th I'll start trying to collect all the finished works.

2. Any type of writing or art will be accepted. From 100 word Drabbles to novel length fics and from sketches to -I don't know rat shapes cup cakes, or whatever-. Just Peter realted. (though if you choose Drabbles, more than one would be awesome!)

3. PLEASE, if you want to participate sign up here. I dont want to say sign ups close because maybe you don't think you have time now, but come late October you whip something out.
Howeve,r if you do decide to participate, just drop me a note in the comments here so I can have a rough idea of how many (or few) people ill be doing this.

4. No Peter bashing. If you want to write Peter in a negativelight that's totally fine. He's not exactly World's Greatest Humanitarian here. However, pleased don't write or draw something for the sole purpose of going on about how much you hate him. 0.o

5. You do NOT need to not use the theme. If you have an idea for a Peter fic or Peter, art but it doens't fit the theme PLEASE do it anyway. I don't care. I just want Peter stuff!
HOWEVER, only fics and art that follow the theme are eligible to be voted upon to win the prize.

6. You are not obligated to enter the contest if you do the theme. There's a spot on the form to say if you want to compete.

The Submission Form
Submissions can be posted on this community anytime form now to November 15h.

Please you this template:

Art Form:

Contest Entry: (Yes or no)
Work Safe: (Yes or no)
Word Count:
Notes: (Optional)

Fic Form:

Contest Entry: (Yes or no)
Work Safe: (Yes or no)
Media: (Watercolor, ink, acylic, pencil etc)
Notes (Optional)

Which brings us too

The Prize
The prize is a free sketch from me (which will be sent via elctronic e-mail not snail mail!) and a little banner saying you won this event. Whooo hooo right =P
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